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Graduation Party!!

October 21, 2019

Time for another graduation party!! 

This week we are celebrating the graduation of yet another Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class from Astar.  These hard-working students have finished Astar's 6-week course and are now interviewing with home health care companies and assisted living facilities that will put their new certification to use! 


Congratulations ladies!! 



Fall 2019 CNA Graduation

October 16, 2019

Astar is proud to congratulate our Fall 2019 class of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) graduates! We are so proud of them!! 

Be sure to check out these photos of the new CNA's celebrating with both their family members and Astar staff on Astar's main campus.  These parties are one tradition that Astar keeps alive for every group of CNA graduates to recognize the hard work the students have put into their program.  What an accomplishment!

Congratulations grads.  

Astar's Family

August 27, 2019

Astar Education is a family as much as it is an educational organization.  Our instructors, administrative staff and students come together to form a community that is close, supportive and one-of-a-kind.  One example we want to highlight this week are sisters Karen and Jenifer Lizano.


These 2 sisters recently completed our Certified Nursing Assistant course together where they were able to provide great support for each other.  They finished high school classes this past year and jumped right into training for their new career together!  We wanted to highlight the support they gave each other in conjunction with Astar’s staff members to make their program quite the success!!!  Family is so important and these lovely ladies are great examples of how it has helped them succeed by jump-starting their medical careers together.


Sisters can help each other get through anything, and this is yet another example of that in action.  Not only were they able to support each other through the studying, quizzes and exams that go along with Astar’s CNA program, but they were able to show how close their family truly is….as well as Astar’s!


Come grab a friend or family member and join our family today!  Reach out to us for more information about joining a Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medication Aide program today. Scholarship opportunities depending on financial status are available by contacting an Astar Representative directly for more information. 

Meet Silfida.

July 31, 2019

Meet Silfida Vanessa Villatoro! This week, Astar is giving a shout out to her and all of the hard work she has accomplished in one of Astar’s main medical programs.  She is one of Astar’s recent graduates from the 8-week Certified Nursing Assistant program that includes job placement. 

Not only is Silfida a hard-working CNA graduate but she is also a proud mother of two children named Charlie and Sarah.   Talk about a double-tasker!! She recently completed the Nursing Assistant program and will begin using her valuable certification soon to earn an income for her family.  She is setting such a great example for her children that we just had to share!


Congratulations to Silfida and the rest of her graduating class – we wish them the best of luck!!

Interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant?  Give us a call today and learn how to get started. 

Astar Institute is all about success.

July 24, 2019

Astar Education Institute is about success.  Success in helping students meet their goals, success in providing excellence in training and education services and success in helping the community.   Astar recently held a graduation for students in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program and we would love to share a few inspiring stories of these hard workers.

These photos show the bright smiling faces of students who have a promising future after completing Astar’s program.  

Evan Salsieder is one of those students who recently graduated from high school and has been accepted by a college for Fall where he is excited to begin studying in a medical major.  With bright plans for his future, Evan wished to stay busy over the summer while he had free time and get a head start on his studies. How did he choose to do this? You guessed it….. he joined Astar’s 8-week CNA program to stay engaged while he had a break during summer and he was even able to earn extra credits for his program of study!  Extra credits = extra time and extra money saved!

Evan sets an excellent example for other high school students who will begin studying at college or universities in the fall.  A program like Astar’s allows students to get ahead in their university or college programs over summer by earning a valuable certification but still allowing themselves to have a much-needed break since the program is only 8 weeks.  That is what we call a WIN-WIN-WIN!! Students can stay busy, earn a certification allowing them to work immediately, jump-start their new program of study AND still have time to themselves to hit the beach.  College can be intimidating but Evan will be ahead of the curve with the valuable skills he earned in the CNA program.  Congratulations Evan!!

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