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Phlebotomy Program

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 Phlebotomists are technicians who work with healthcare professionals at hospitals, diagnostic labs, medical labs, blood donor centers and doctor’s offices to draw blood and correctly label samples for blood transfusions and diagnostic testing (also known as venipuncture).  These jobs can offer flexible schedules and help assist advancement in a career in nursing.   Employment for phlebotomists is projected to grow 27% from 2012- 2022, which is must faster than the average for other technical occupations.  A licensed phlebotomist in Virginia earns around $40,000 – $45,000 annually.

Course Description:

This program is a total of 100 hours divided into 2 parts: 40 hours of classroom, theory instruction and 40 hours of hands-on skills training at Astar’s simulation lab with the instructor for Part 1 and 20 hours of clinical externship observation or self-practice for Part 2.  The theory section of this training covers a wide array of subjects including but not limited to anatomy and physiology, blood collection and universal precautions.  Students will also have valuable practice in Astar’s simulation lab where they will practice the venipuncture technique using procedures they learned in class.  The second part of the program is an independent observation where students will volunteer at a lab, clinic, or other facility of their choice where they can observe trained phlebotomists practicing in a clinical setting with real people.  In addition to fulfilling the 100-hour requirement, each student must achieve 50 successful venipunctures & 10 successful capillary punctures to graduate. 

Enrollment Requirements:

  • 18 y/o or older (valid photo ID required)

  • High school diploma or GED 

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR 

  • Intermediate English Proficiency 

  • Valid Social Security Card 

  • Proof of annual influenza vaccine

  • PCA, HHA or CNA Certification

  • Verification of immunizations for  Measles, Mumps, Varicella, & Hep B

  • Negative PPD test results or chest x-ray for positive results

Course Details:

Course Code: MED201

Duration: 100 hours


  • Weekday Evening Schedule: Classroom & Skills Lab Hours (80 Hours)

  • Monday – Wednesday - 6PM – 9:15PM = Theory Hours

  • Thursdays – 9:30AM – 4:15PM = Skills Lab

  • 30-minute lunch break

  • Clinical Observation Hours (20 hours total) – Student’s will schedule their own hours directly with a facility.  There is no class Fridays to give them time to work on this. 

  • Weekend Daytime Schedule: Classroom & Skills Lab Hours (80 Hours)

  • Saturdays – 9AM – 5:30PM = Theory Hours

    *Assistance with registration for the state licensure exam requires additional fee.

*Only students who: (1) hold a current CPR certification valid for at least 3 months after the initially planned date of completion for their specific program, (2) completed this CPR certification BEFORE their registration date for Astar’s program, and (3) who submit a copy of the certification BEFORE the first day of class will be excused from Astar’s CPR course.   All other students are required to pay the $100 fee and complete Astar’s BLS CPR course.

*Any missed class time will require a fee of $35/hour for make-up hours.

 Included in tuition:

  • Lab & Equipment Fee

  • Technology Fee

  • Textbooks & Course Materials

  • Liability Insurance for each student

  • Certificate of Completion (dependent upon grades)

  • Job Placement Assistance Services

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