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China to America Exchange programs

Are you a student, teacher, or businessperson interested in learning more in America?

America to China Exchange programs

Travel, study, or teach in a country overflowing with culture and history!

China to America Exchange

China to America Exchange Programs

Chinese Teacher Exchange Program

Want to set yourself professionally apart from your fellow teachers? Do you teach Chinese, Math, or Science? Travel to America and get experience working in a real American school! Our placement experts will help you navigate the visa process, find you a school, and help set up a host family experience! You can work and learn, improve your English, and return to China with new professional insights and development. We will help every step of the way!

Middle and High School Student Exchange

Are you currently a middle or high school student, looking for experience attending school in America? Our placement services will find you the right school for your exchange, as well as finding you a host family and helping you acclimatize to life in the United States. Exchange programs are an excellent way to learn English and get experience that will set you apart from other students! 

Student and Professional Placement Services

Want to study in America full-time? Are you already a student and looking to continue on to a Master's or Doctorate degree? Or have you finished school and are looking for a career in the United States? Navigating the American school system or professional networks can be confusing and frustrating. At Astar, we can help you reach your academic and professional goals through our placement services. Whether it's a university or professional application, we give you all the information and assistance you need achieving your dreams in the United States!

English in Motion: Summer/Winter Camps

If you want to improve your English, an immersive camp experience is a great way to do it! Our experts help you through the visa procedure, coordinating lectures and activities, and providing support throughout the whole process. Our camps aren't all about work; Astar's location close to Washington, DC, means you get plenty of opportunities to travel in one of America's most historic and beautiful cities!

Associate's Degree to Master's Degree: Easy as 3+1+1.5!

Want to get a Master's degree in the United States? Our placement experts will find you a school to do it! If you have a Chinese associate's degree, you can travel to the States, and turn it into a Master's degree in two and a half years. We will help you with school placement and find a host family! We also have career services as well, to help you find a job after you finish school.

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America to China Exchange Programs

China Cultural Immersion Trip

For Astar's Cultural Immersion China Trip, the students will have cultural exchange activities with local Chinese middle and high school students, school tour and city tours, and spend few memorable days with Chinese host families during the trip.  For the China trip, we will cover the costs for hotels, meals, sightseeing, and local transportation in China for this 14 days trip. Students who apply only need to pay the application fee, tourist visa fee and their international flight ticket at a discounted group rate.  Applicant must be a student from Astar's partner school or host family in the United States.

TESOL Programs

​Join our TESOL training class, and be a certified teacher! After graduation, we will provide  teaching job placement for qualified students. Taking a job as teaching English in China gives you the best of both worlds – a strong career and an adventure. Our schools in China provide warmly accommodation including housing, meals, and insurance for you. Astar works with international schools in different cities in China since 2006, by joining our TESOL training program, you will have the opportunity to live and work in the school in China.

Sister Schools

It's important as educators that we open our students' minds to the idea of other countries from a young age. A great way to do that is through a 'Sister School' program! Astar's professionals have contacts with schools all over China; we can find a school to suit any profile. If you'd like a school similar to yours, we'll find it! If you're a rural school and would like your students learn about metropolitan life, we'll find a school in one of China's fast-paced cities. With a Sister School, you can hold a host of programs, from live video chats, to pen-pal events, to student exchange programs! And Astar can be with you every step of the way! It's a great, easy way to get your students learning about another country right from the comfort of their own school!

High School Cultural Exchange

Are you a high school student interested in learning about Chinese culture and studying the Chinese language? America and China grow more interconnected every day; learning Chinese will be a great first step in preparing yourself for an exciting career! Our coordinators take care of everything: arranging for your visa and travel plans, arranging for a school, host family, and sightseeing excursions. You will get a real understanding of China and the ability to learn about it firsthand!

Teacher Exchange Program

In the field of education, your most valuable quality is your flexibility. In our increasingly global world, learning new styles and methods are what keeps you current in the field and keeps your students engaged and constantly learning. A cultural exchange program to China might be just what you need to progress professionally in America! Our exchange program will organize your visa, itinerary, host school, and host family. All you will need to do is travel, learn, sightsee, and take notes! Chinese schools are excited to learn about American teaching styles; we set up a true cultural exchange that will benefit both countries and both schools!

University to University Academic Exchange

Astar Education is all about bringing countries together. We believe that education is the key to increasing universal awareness, communication, and cultural sensitivity. Our University to University program is used to impart the skills necessary to reach academic and professional goals while at the same time, creating globally-aware citizens. If your university has always been interested in building a strong relationship with a Chinese school to ease the exchange process, we are the experts who can help you build that relationship!

Principal Exchange Program

When an entire school depends on your leadership, it's vital to stay current and fresh in your educational philosophy. Exposure to another school in another country, especially one that's making huge strides in the educational field, is a fantastic way to do that! If you are a principal at an American school, we can set up an exchange program at a similar school in China. You will observe different methods of teaching and administration, and return to your own school with new perspectives, ready to lead the way!

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