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At Astar, we believe in the power of language. Whatever your language goals, we can help you achieve them. Want to work on your academic or practical English? We have TOEFL classes and ESL classes. No matter what level you are or what time you'd like to learn, Astar's teachers will make it happen for you!


Judith Cruz Caballero: judith@astarinstitute.org

A career change may seem like a bold move, but we'll help take the mystery out of it. We offer a range of programs including PCA and Nursing Assistant programs, that can get you started in the healthcare industry, one of the fastest-growing industries in the country! Think you might enjoy teaching? Over one billion people are learning English worldwide, and you can help them with our TESOL certification. 


Judith Cruz Caballero: judith@astarinstitute.org
Marta Burgess: marta@astarinstitute.org

Conveniently located in Manassas VA in the heart of the Washington DC metro area, Astar Education Academy provides a 10-week language immersion summer camp for local and international children. This program combines language learning with other key areas of interest such as math and science to provide a well-rounded and unique experience! 


Rui Xue: rui@astarinstitute.org

Exposure to other cultures and countries provides fresh perspectives and diversity. At Astar, intercultural communication is what we're all about! Whether you're an American teacher who wants to experience Chinese schools, or a Chinese company looking for a way its employees can learn about American business tactics, we have an exchange experience for you! Read about our 2018 Winter Camps on our Blog!


Stephanie Hsu: stephanie@astarinstitute.org

At Astar, we would like to build international connections in the academic field. Especially,  in the medical field, more and more physicians, nurses, medical administrators, and medical students are eager to visit the United States to learn about western medical concepts and cutting-edge equipment. This experience also helps them reach their career goals and succeed in the industry. Astar bridges hospitals and medical universities in other countries so they can benefit each other!


Judith Cruz Caballero: judith@astarinstitute.org

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At Astar, our concern is helping you with the education you need. Our services go beyond the classroom, and we can offer an array of support services for students.  Some of these include:

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