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Language Courses


This class is a combined skills course integrating all four skill areas of English for improvement including reading, writing, listening & speaking.  There is an intense focus on vocabulary development and pronunciation of the most common English words.  Key techniques such as class discussion, role playing, reading passages and more are utilized by instructors to ensure the class is interactive and inclusive of all types of learners and learning styles.  All of the aforementioned techniques help to ensure that students of every level will benefit and their English proficiency will noticeably advance over time no matter what their potential goal is.  From daily use, to preparation for college/university, students of every level and background will benefit from these courses. 


Astar offers classes both online and in-person to accommodate all students and schedules.  Additionally, a rolling admission policy allows students to start classes at the beginning of any week. 

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Beginner- Low intermediate level

Evening Program

2 hours per day

2 days per week


 6:00PM – 8:00PM

*Sessions are 6 weeks long

Rolling Admission:

Students can begin class any Tuesday!

ELS Program (5).png

High Intermediate - Advanced Level

Evening Program

2 hours per day

3 days per week

Monday/Wednesday/ Friday

 6:00PM – 8:00PM

*Sessions are 4 weeks long

Rolling Admission:

Students can begin class any Monday!