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Summer Camp 

Summer Day Camp


Days: Mondays - Fridays                                       

Start date: June 18 - August 17

Weekly Fees:

Full Day (9:00AM - 5:00PM)

$260/week with lunch & snacks 

Half Day (9:00AM - 1:00PM)

$160/week with lunch & snacks 

Morning Care (8:00AM - 9:00AM) 


Afternoon Care (5:00PM - 6:00PM) 


Application Fee:


Join our Summer Day Camp for an exciting and fun learning experience! We provide art, crafts, math, science and culture activities in addition to teaching English, Chinese, and Spanish.  Our summer camp makes learning fun and easy for kids with play-based programs. At Astar, we recognize the need to overcome educational and language barriers in our increasingly globalized world. When the schools are on break, our summer camp is in session to help you keep your son or daughter engaged in constructive yet entertaining learning activities. 

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